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Image Bean for Servoy R1 R1.2

Image Bean for Servoy R1 R1.2

Image Bean for Servoy R1 Publisher's Description

Data Stream Plugin

Streamed Image Bean

What is it ?
The Streamd Image Bean is a JavaBean which displays image data in-form and relies of the DataStream Plugin for transport and the MediaManager for UI artifacts.

Once you drop an image file onto the bean, the image will be automatically imported to the database record and displayed.

What technologies does this plugin employ ?
This plugin leverages the DataStream plugin for its transport between the client and server.
In addition to the DataStream plugin, it provides:

  • import of image sources from File, URL and Twain Scanner
  • export in JPEG format

How is this component benficial ?
Image data is often required directly in-form.
If your image data are large, because the data is shipped to the client by data streaming, the user is free to work with a responsive UI whilst the image data is loading.

How is this plugin deployed ?
Like all Cybersack Beans and Plugins, via the Developer Tools Software Updater.

What does this JavaBean cost ?
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